Thursday, August 2, 2012

First Casualty Of Oversight Committee Report

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee's Final Report, Part 1, on Operation Fast and Furious appears to have caused its first "casualty". The AP is reporting that William Hoover, one of the five BATFE managers named in the report, has left the agency.

Hoover was Deputy Director of BATFE from 2009 until 2011 when he was reassigned due to the fallout from Operation Fast and Furious. He had been appointed the Special Agent in Charge of the Washington (DC) Field Division by Acting Director B. Todd Jones last October but was relieved of his duties in January 2012 along with Mark Chait and William McMahon. At the time, it was speculated that Hoover was relieved of his duties in advance of the Inspector General's report. That report still has not been either completed or released by the OIG.

Hoover had received bi-weekly briefings on Operation Fast and Furious but never shut it down despite reported misgivings.

This may be snarky but I'm sure Mr. Hoover is leaving with most of his pension intact.

UPDATE: Dave Workman, writing in the Seattle Gun Rights Examiner, has more on Hoover's leaving. Writing about this on Tuesday, Dave said:
William Hoover, former ATF deputy director, retired this week according to reliable sources. Hoover was the official who ordered an “exit strategy” for the operation when he realized its scope, but according to the report, that strategy was never followed. “Hoover,” the report says, “was also instrumental in briefing Department of Justice personnel about the status of Fast and Furious, and had previously discussed gunwalking concerns in another case with Bill Newell.”


  1. Hoover couldn't find an "exit strategy" for Fast and Furious, but certainly found one for himself!

  2. Is this fool going to be prosecuted for his illegal actions, that led to the death of Federal Agents and citizens of the United States and Mexico? If so Obuma and Holder will get him a pardon to protect themselves.

  3. He could find and discuss but not actually *implement* an exit-strategy because the DOJ "personnel" wanted to continued receiving those important operational briefings. Now maybe they'll soon find him upsidown in a cow-pasture somewhere, his retirement short lived...