Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wow! Just Wow!

With the 2012 Paralympics scheduled to start in less than two weeks in London, I came across this from Mathews Archery. It is about Matt Stutzman who was the top qualifier for US Paralympic Archery Team. He was born without arms and uses his feet to hold his bow.

They call him the "Inspirational Archer" and they are right!


  1. WOW is right! He could probably have competed at the 'other' Olympics!

  2. Along these very same lines, the fellow that took the "Gold" in an archery discipline in the Olympics was legally blind. There are some amazing people out there who have talent to use the powers in their mind. I love seeing this sort of stuff as it is humbling. Thanks for sharing.

  3. OK, I really suck at archery and this doesn't make me feel good at all! Holy Lord God!
    That is totally inspiring. I could not make out how he performs the release. Anyone?