Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Weekend Tab Clearing

The attendance of Bitter and Sebastian at the NRA's legal seminar in Philadelphia has attracted protesters from Heeding God's Call. Or maybe it is just because the organization doesn't like the Second Amendment. Whatever.  Sebastian has pictures of the massive number of gun prohibitionists protesting at the event.

DVDs, magazines, and internet gun forums are not a substitute for actual firearms training. Intuitively we know this but most of us procrastinate and/or make excuses. Trainer Rob Tackett in a post entitled "Less than 1/110 of a %" examines the excuses and issues this challenge:
Save.  Don’t work on instant gratification and move forward with training instead of buying.

Stop Using Excuses

Its time folks.  Its time for all the internet time to be turned into training time.  Everyone is releasing their 2013 schedules this month and next.  I challenge you to take the first step to better yourself.  Take a class. Find out more about yourself and your true capability.

Stop living as a Tactical Teddy and become a shooter.
 Tam has her usual trenchant observations about the Glock factory sights and the process to replace them.

Linoge has now created a table of contents to the uber-post about TTAG. It makes it much easier to read the individual sections.

Thirdpower has a good post up about those who claim that Obama really hasn't moved against gun rights in his first term.

Ron Larimer at When the Balloon Goes Up opens his store tomorrow which will carry EDC gear, preparedness items, and range gear. The store is meant to complement the stuff he has been writing about on his blog.

Speaking of stores, Average Joe has posted his suggestions for newbies (and not so newbies) with regard to gun shop and range etiquette. It puts on paper what he discussed with Doc Wesson on a recent Gun Nation Podcast.

Finally, keep Mike Vanderboegh in your prayers. David Codrea has an update here and Mike reported he entered the hospital on Friday due to minor strokes in his cerebellum as well as brain stem. At the link David provides an address where you can send Mike a get well card.

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