Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Almost As Bad As Obesity

Ralph Fascitelli, a member of the gun control group Washington Ceasefire, want Democrats to embrace gun control and make it an issue in this election. He says they are the party of "progressive stands on social issues". He is upset that the Democrats aren't saying more about gun control on the campaign trail and in their official platform.

Gun violence, which costs this country as much as a $100 billion annually and is perhaps along with obesity the number one public health issue of our time, was put on mute again.

He goes on to say that the Democrats have taken the wrong message from the 1994 elections which saw the Republicans win the House of Representatives as well as from Al Gore's loss of his home state of Tennessee in 2000. Fascitelli says embracing gun control isn't a lost cause. He compares it to Obama's newly found appreciation for gay marriage as a way to "energize the base".

Comparing guns to obesity and using specious statistics from the Brady Campaign is no way to make an effective argument. He may get the true believers to agree with him but your average Democratic politician who wants to get elected or re-elected will continue to mumble just enough platitudes to confuse the voters on both sides of the issue.


  1. The author is getting no love in his comments.

    I'm smiling about that.

  2. No please don't discourage Ralphie!

    We want him to scream it from the mountaintops and get all of the Democrats totally on board.
    I want them to proudly proclaim that they want all guns banned (except those used by the "benevolent" state).

    No more hiding behind weasel words like "common sense" and "reasonable" when banning is the ultimate goal.

    Then real Americans can pound these petty tyrants and wannabe dictators into the ground at the election.

  3. WA Ceaefire has roughly 5500 members... there are currently well over 600,000 (yes over half a million) concealed pistol license holders in Wa State...

    This guy must like pushing cars up a hill with a rope

  4. Instead of asking for more gun control, why doesn't he want something done to curb the violence, like say increased penalities for felons in the possession of a firearm? How about stopping the war on drugs and just let these people kill themselves?