Friday, October 19, 2012

"We're Doing Really Well" - Mike Fifer, Ruger CEO

Sturm, Ruger and Co., Inc. will be featured in the November 5th edition of Forbes Magazine. That issue will feature Forbes' Best Small Companies in America list and Ruger is number four on the list.

Intimacy with the product–and the customer–has been key to Ruger’s turnaround. That, plus embracing industry trends like compact guns and military-style weaponry, has vaulted the company to the No. 4 spot on our list of the Best Small Companies in America. Since Fifer took over in late 2006 Ruger’s share price has jumped sixfold to a recent $49. Over the last 12 months it has netted $55 million on $406 million in revenue; half a dozen years ago it barely managed $1 million on $168 million in sales.

Read the whole article. It is a good read and doesn't indulge in anti-gun hysteria. It did elicit this absurd comment from a reader named "Greg".
 The business of murder machinery can be highly profitable.
A good sin stock.
Sure, Greg, whatever. Nonetheless, I'm glad to see that Ruger has rebounded from the Bill Ruger, Sr. days and has adopted new ideas, new manufacturing techniques, and ditched the limited capacity magazine nonsense. As a shareholder, I'm doubly glad.

H/T Lars at NRA Blog


  1. What is this verbal mess from the article:

    "So-called LCRs, or lightweight compact revolvers, are squat guns with a small stock, ideally suited to the infatuation with concealed weapons and the record firearm ownership among women. A close cousin is the LCP, or lightweight compact pistol, which has a magazine, not a chamber. "

  2. lol, but regardless of the runnnnnon sentence, I am very pleased that women are getting into gun ownership!