Thursday, January 24, 2013

Frigid Cold... In LA!

I just stumbled across this video by Jimmy Kimmel of the reaction (or overreaction) to a burst of cool weather in Southern California.

I feel really bad for them having to suffer those cold temperatures.

However, it might toughen them up a bit so that they could come to my part of the sunny South where the current temperature is 23º with an expected overnight low of 18º. We are expecting snow and sleet for most of tomorrow.

H/T Tiger McKee


  1. Last time I went camping it got down to 16 degrees.

  2. I know I'm embarrassed, it's pathetic. L.A. people have such temperate weather, any change in it is a chance for ratings with the moron talking heads. L.a. homes mostly don't have insulation as well so it does get cool inside. My Venice Beach home doesn't even have a heater.