Thursday, January 17, 2013

I'm Proud Of My Local Military Surplus Store

I've written in the past about Old Grouch Military Surplus. They are my local military surplus store and harken back to the days when surplus stores were just that. On Tuesday, they took a stand in support of the gun owners of New York who just had their Second Amendment rights trampled upon.
In support of our customers in the state of New York, effective today we are cancelling all orders to any state or municipal government agency customers in the New York and will accept no more. While we can't stop the trampling of rights that is occurring there, we certainly can make sure we don't assist in it in any way going forward.
They do a substantial mail order business and are one of the only places to find some items. I'm proud of their stand and I hope the majority of firearms manufacturers will emulate Tim's approach - or as others have called it, the Barrett approach in honor of Ronnie Barrett's stand against California and their .50 BMG ban.


  1. He should only sell govt agents the 7 round mags the serfs get. Seems Cuomo forgot to exempt his jackbooted stormtroopers. One gun shop refused to give the mags to a trooper that had ordered a new gun. Serves them right.

  2. We reap what da voters voted in: demoncrats, republicants, and what ever else is out there! Don't get me wrong...I DO support Ronnie Barrett's stand and live in the leftist state of CA. Pragmatist

  3. I wonder if Remington will be or could be encouraged to leave New York.
    We would be more than happy to build Bushmasters in Alabama.
    Just a thought

    1. They already have corporate offices in North Carolina, might as well move manufacturing there too.

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