Friday, January 18, 2013

NC Democrat Party Doesn't Get It

Democrats in North Carolina took it on the chin in the 2012 elections. They lost the governorship, the lieutenant governorship, many seats in Congress, and stand at less than one-third of the members of each house of the General Assembly. Given that you'd think that they would be trying to establish positions that would help them regain lost ground.

Sean at An NC Gun Blog reports on how they just don't get it. Clay Pittman, press secretary for the NC Democrat Party, issued a rambling, stream of consciousness, release attacking Gov. Pat McCrory for calling the gun prohibitionists "foolish" for their efforts to enact a new "assault weapons" (sic) ban. As McCrory correctly points out, all it is doing is increasing gun sales.

When Sean pressed Pittman on his statistics and position, he got a reply that said to check the NCDP party platform and that the state party will support Obama's gun control agenda. He said what Democrat members of the General Assembly do is up to them.

I think Sean's suggestion to write and call Democrat state senators and representatives to ask if they support this policy is a good one. My own state representative, Joe Sam Queen, is the only Democrat left in the General Assembly west of Asheville. I think one of the reasons he survived this election is because he wasn't bad on guns. He isn't great but he isn't bad either.

So if you live in North Carolina and have a Democrat state senator or representative now is the time to put them on the spot. Force them to either agree with Pittman's statement or disavow it. If they agree with it, make sure they are targeted in 2014.


  1. Thanks for the link. I have not heard anything further from Clay Pittman or the Democrat Party.

  2. I sure does seem that North Carolina is the anti-California. Perhaps those Dems would like to move west and run for office in the Golden State? They would find lots of like minded people here, and it would be nice to have more moderates in Sacramento: an NC liberal is a CA moderate, when compared to the knee-biting stupid left-wing jerks that are the majority in California.

    1. Only recently. The NC Democrat Party maintained their stranglehold on this state with their Gerrymander skills. They screwed up in one election and lost control of redistricting. North Carolina was the last of the Southern states that the Dems held power in the Legislatures. They may never get it back. We'll see if McCrory has the guts to realign the state properly or if he gets wishy washy and gives the Dems an opening.

      McCrory is not a reliable pro-gun rights vote.