Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Gun Prohibitionists Waste No Time In Illinois

The gun prohibitionists were out in force yesterday in Illinois in support of Gov. Pat Quinn's amendatory veto of HB 183. Perhaps the leading gun prohibitionists group in the state is the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence (sic) led by Colleen Daley. (I don't know if she is related to Richard and Bill Daley or not). Gov. Quinn featured them prominently in his little soiree' announcing his amendatory veto.

Daley and ICHV wasted no time in getting out a plea to their supporters along with a a chance to donate to their efforts. This tells me that the grassroots will be vitally important in getting the veto overridden. Our side knows it and so do the gun prohibitionist forces.
Dear Friend,

Today, Governor Pat Quinn stood with community leaders and concerned citizens as he announced his amendatory veto of HB 183, the Concealed Carry legislation that passed in the waning hours of the Spring Session of the General Assembly.

The Governor heard our concerns and made changes that make public safety a top priority!

The Amendatory Veto recognizes that guns and alcohol do not mix and bans guns in any place the serves alcohol. It also requires businesses to opt-in as opposed to opt-out if they would like guns in their establishment, it limits a license holder to carrying ONE gun and ONE magazine that can hold no more than 10 rounds, and removes the provision restricting home rule municipalities regulation of assault weapons.

To read the Governor’s changes click here.

The General Assembly is scheduled to meet on Tuesday, July 9th to deal with the amendatory veto. Representative Brandon Phelps, the sponsor of the bill has already filed a motion to override the Governor’s veto. Please call you legislators now and ask them to vote “NO” on the override attempt. Tell them you stand with Governor Quinn and support his amendatory veto of HB 183!

To find your legislators click here

The Governor has also created a website to make it easy for people to review the changes he has proposed. Visit the site by clicking here.

Call now and stand for common sense gun laws.

In Peace,

Colleen Daley

Executive Director

Here are Daley's comments from yesterday. You will note she was the first speaker after Gov. Quinn finished his announcement of the amendatory veto.


  1. "...the Concealed Carry legislation that passed in the waning hours of the Spring Session of the General Assembly." (emphasis added)

    Nice wording. It makes it sound like the "E-ville pro-gun groups" snuck in and ambushed the General Assembly at the last minute, and not at all like the GA had a judicial mandate and a highly-lenient SIX MONTHS (plus extensions) to work on it.

  2. We'll see if the legislature has the guts to override. Legislatures frequently do not, even when the original vote had the numbers to.