Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rockingham County Will Make It All

When it comes to manufacturing it all, I don't know if any place will be able to top Rockingham County, North Carolina. By all, I mean alcohol, tobacco, and firearms.

MillerCoors Brewing operates a large brewery in Eden.

Imperial Tobacco manufactures cigarettes in Reidsville.

The addition of Ruger's planned manufacturing plant in Mayodan will now complete the trio.

I really can't think of any other location where all three products are currently made by major manufacturers


  1. It's not on the huge industrial scale but Tampa has cigars, beer and several .50 cal rifle makers.

    We need someone like Frito Lay to open up around here to complete the store.

    1. @Angus: I think that is my point. For example, Louisville, KY makes bourbon, still produces chewing tobacco, and I'm sure you could find someone with a manufacturer's FFL. While the distillers will have hundreds of employees and National Tobacco might have hundreds, I can guarantee that none of the firearms manufacturers in Louisville will have that many. The same for Tampa.

  2. I found the proverbial ATF convenience store in Fredonia, AZ. Plus lottery tickets.

  3. All the county needs is a dynamite plant.