Friday, July 12, 2013

"Is HB 937 Mired in 'Dysfunction Junction'?"

HB 937 which has passed both houses of the North Carolina General Assembly is languishing in the House waiting their concurrence. The reason? Because the Republican leaders in both houses and Gov. Pat McCrory won't get their damn act together.

Two things should be remembered. First, House Speaker Thom Tillis (R-Mecklenburg) is running for the Republican nomination for the US Senate and wants to replace Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC). He is going to need the support of gun owners if he wants to take down a well-funded incumbent senator.

Second, one of the reasons that Sturm, Ruger & Co. chose the state of North Carolina for their third manufacturing plant is because we were considered a pro-gun state. They haven't finished buying the plant in Mayodan yet and still could go to either Texas or South Carolina. Upwards of 500 new manufacturing jobs are at risk due to the shenanigans by the General Assembly and they need to be reminded of it. Senate President Pro-Tem Phil Berger represents Rockingham County which needs those jobs.

GRNC just issued an alert on the bill this afternoon.

Is HB 937 Mired in 'Dysfunction Junction'?

Long over-due bill languishes while Republican leaders haggle…

Within sight of final victory, House Bill 937 ("Amend Various Firearms Laws") for concealed carry in restaurants, assemblies for which admission is charged, campuses, parades and funerals, (and much more) faces one final obstacle: Intra-party Republican bickering between the NC House, Senate and Governor's mansion.

Governor Pat McCrory, Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger, and House Speaker Thom Tillis have battled over the budget, abortion legislation and more. In the latest episode of "dysfunction junction," they are now haggling over what happens should HB 937 go to a conference committee.

To their credit, Speaker Tillis and members of both chambers continue to promise to pass the bill this year. Moreover, they seem happy with most aspects of the legislation except the pistol purchase permit repeal. The question is: What's next and when will it happen?

Enough is enough!

GRNC is coordinating an effort to let Tillis, Berger and McCrory know we are serious about passing HB 937, and that failure to do so may have serious consequences for one or more prominent Republicans in upcoming elections. To that end, we want you to email your concerns to them, and to call each of their offices on Monday morning at 9:00 am.


  • EMAIL REPUBLICAN LEADERS: Using the contact information below, email Speaker Thom Tillis, Senate President Phil Berger and Governor Pat McCrory. Let them know that you expect a concurrence vote immediately on HB 937, and for it to be signed when it hits the Governor’s desk.
  • CALL REPUBLICAN LEADERS at 0900 AM MONDAY: Using the contact information below, begin calling the offices of Speaker Tillis, Senate President Berger and Governor McCrory at 9:00 AM Monday. If you can't get through immediately, keep trying. Tell them to stop bickering and pass HB 937.


House Speaker Thom Tillis
Phone: (919) 733-3451

Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger
Phone: (919) 733-5708

Governor Pat McCrory
Phone: (919) 814-2000


Suggested Subject: "Bring HB 937 to a vote!"

Dear Senate President Pro Tem / Speaker of the House/ Governor:

I strongly urge you to put aside intra-party Republican squabbling and respond to gun-owning voters who played a large role in making North Carolina the only battleground state to make conservative gains in the 2012 elections.

All competing factions need to stop maneuvering and serve the people who put them in office. Specifically, House Bill 937 ("Amend Various Firearms Laws") needs to come to a prompt concurrence vote this week.

We've heard all the promises: Now we want action. Speaker Tillis needs to bring HB 937 to a concurrence vote, he and Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger should resolve differences in a conference committee, if necessary, and after it clears both chambers, Governor McCrory needs to sign it into law. This year.

If HB 937 dies as the result of being held hostage to Republican power struggles, let me assure you there will be consequences in 2014 and 2016. I will be monitoring your actions via Grass Roots North Carolina legislative alerts.


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  1. That is NOT good... And hopefully y'all can move it along!!!