Friday, March 14, 2014

Daily Reads

I have a number of daily reads in addition to blogs. I often get ideas for my blog posts as well as items for the Polite Society Podcast from these daily reads. Below are some that I would suggest along with how to subscribe. Best of all, they are all free.

Defensive Use of Firearms Digest

The Defensive Use of Firearms Digest is a daily compilation put together by Stephen P. Wenger. It contains firearms and RKBA related news as well as items illustrating defensive gun uses. He always includes links to the original story along with a short pithy comment. It is delivered to your email address on a daily basis. He has just decided to split DUF Digest into three emails - national firearms and RKBA news, state level firearms and RKBA news, and defensive uses of guns. This reduces the likelihood of it being rejected by your spam filter.

To subscribe, go to this page.

John Farnam's DTI Quips

Firearms trainer John Farnam of Defensive Training International has a daily email with his quips and commentary on everything from firearms to the Russian invasion of Crimea. It is well worth a read and always enlightening.

To subscribe, send John an email at JSFarnam AT AOL dot Com.  He will add you to the mailing list.

The Shooting, Tactical, and Outdoor Wires

Jim Shepherd has assembled a number of "wires" devoted to shooting and outdoor topics. Each issues of the various "wires" contains press releases from the firearms and outdoor industry as well as from various organizations. Also included are some very insightful editorials and training tips. The lineup of the Outdoor Wire Digital Network includes the Outdoor Wire, the Shooting Wire, the Tactical Wire, the Archery Wire,  the Dealer Wire , the Fishing Wire and the Birding Wire.

I subscribe to the Outdoor Wire, the Shooting Wire, the Archery Wire, and, my favorite, the Tactical Wire. They are all free and by subscription only.

To subscribe to the Outdoor Wire, go here.

To subscribe to the Shooting Wire, go here.

To subscribe to the Tactical Wire, go here.

To subscribe to the Archery Wire, go here.

There are a few more but this a start.


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