Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Anti-Anti-Gun Buyback

In some areas of the country, police departments conduct gun buybacks in the mistaken belief that it will "take guns off the streets". The reality is that it allows people to dump old clunkers as well as allow criminals to ditch hot guns without a question.

In a refreshing turn of events, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department in Pine Bluff, Arkansas just had a gun auction that raised over $125,000 for the Sheriff's Department and the Tri-County Drug Task Force. The auction was held in accordance with Arkansas law (A.C.A. § 5-5-101) that mandates the public auction of seized weapons and contraband by the law enforcement agency.

Courtesy of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department

This was the first auction that the Sheriff's Department held since 2005 when they only netted about $15,000 in proceeds. This auction was the largest auction in the county's history.
Approximately 600 people from across the state attended the auction with 380 registered bidders. Approximately 204 checks were processed through the NICS. However, 6 individuals hoping to leave with a firearm were disappointed after receiving 3-day delayed notices and one (1) individual was denied approval to purchase firearms by the ATF.

Each gun auctioned went to the highest bidder. The highest bid at of $2,375.00 was for a Winchester .38 WCF L.A. Rifle and the lowest bid was $5.00 for a Marksman 177 Caliber BB Pistol.
I like this quote from the JCSD's press release: "Today’s auction provided citizens an informative, secure, and safe way to buy firearms at a bargain."

I think this is a sheriff that get's it.

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