Thursday, March 6, 2014

Monthly Contests

Aaron at the Weapon-Blog has released his list of gun contests for March and it is loaded.

In the pistol category, there is everything from a Remington 51 to a Glock Gen 4 22 and everything in between. As of today, there are 18 links to contests where you could win a handgun.

The rifle category is likewise filled to the brim. I count 27 rifles that are available with enough ARs to outfit a reinforced Marine squad. There is also a Savage in .338 Lapua to take care of the sniping needs along with a few .22 rifles to handle the training. Now if we could only get .22LR ammo!

The shotgun category is sparse this month but the accessories make up for it.

If you do enter any of the contests, leave Aaron a note thanking him for this valuable monthly service. I'm sure he would appreciate it.

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