Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Comes Early In California

Christmas came early for the CalGuns Foundation and its attorneys. Late yesterday, US District Court Judge Anthony Ishii awarded them attorney's fees and court costs in Sylvester v. Harris. This is the case that challenged California's 10-day waiting period as applied to certain classes of individuals. Judge Ishii had earlier found that the waiting period was unconstitutional as applied to those who possess California carry permits or own one firearm and have a "Certificate of Eligibility".

In determining the amount due for attorneys' fee, Judge Ishii considered the motions from both the plaintiffs and the defendants. For the senior attorneys, he ordered an hourly amount that was lower than requested but higher than what the California Department of Justice thought proper. As to the junior attorneys, he actually raised the hourly rate above what was requested by the plaintiffs.

The only unfortunate thing about this award of attorneys' fees is that it won't come out of Kamala Harris' personal bank account. It will be paid by the taxpayers of California. But hey, if you continue to elect people like Harris and the rest of her ilk, that is what you can expect.

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