Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I Don't Think ABC's David Muir Will Be Visiting These Folks In Georgia

ABC News' anchor David Muir has been in charge of a series called "Made in America". I'm guessing it has run for at least the last couple of years. I will give credit where credit is due - it has focused attention on the plight of US manufacturing and especially the small manufacturer. For example, after they pointed out the US Olympic Team that was outfitted with clothing made in China, the embarrassment brought some changes.

In the search for stuff that is still "Made in America", I've always thought that they should do a story on that quintessential product that is still made on our shores - the firearm. However on second thought, given it is David Muir, perhaps we can skip that.

I came across a video this morning from a Georgia company called Armageddon Gear. They manufacture everything from slings to rifle cases to chest rigs for the AK. The promo video discusses how they make their products and then how they take the time to make sure their employees understand how the gear is used.

I just don't see the well-coifed David Muir in his skinny jeans going down to Buena Vista, Georgia to go shooting with this group of bad-ass grannys.


  1. This man is also on a search for American made products, and has been putting together a collection of companies: http://www.usaonly.us/AboutUs.aspx

  2. ROTF... Nope, he'd crap his skinny jeans...

  3. I wanna be those ladies when I grow up. WOO-HOO!!
    Donna g