Saturday, December 27, 2014

It Feels Right

Chris Muir at Day by Day Cartoon, as per usual, nails it. He calls out lefty filmmaker (and gun law violator) Rajina Sincic and Americans for Responsible Solutions as well as those SJW* who continue to perpetuate the U.Va. rape hoax story.

Courtesy of Chris Muir

After reading this cartoon, I have this running through my head! Listen at your own risk.

*SJW = Social Justice Warrior - I had to look up this acronym a few weeks ago after seeing it used frequently on Facebook. Those darn kids and their newfangled acronyms!


  1. Yep, the video nails it too, and now I have that damn song running around in the hind brain... Thanks a lot...

  2. These stories enter the collective consciousness and never leave. I heard people referring to Palin's "I can see Russia" for years, Christie will never escape Bridgegate in some people's minds even though he was completely exonerated, "hands up, don't shoot" is still being trumpeted by the sheep in spite of all the evidence that is freely available. It is easier just to believe a story that fits your preconceptions no matter how much evidence there is to the contrary.