Sunday, January 18, 2015

Clint Smith On A Shotgun Versus Pistol For Home Defense

Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch is one of the most highly respected trainers in the industry. In the NSSF video below, he discusses the use of a pistol versus a shotgun for home defense.

Often, the shotgun is downgraded as a home defense tool due to its length and the thought that an intruder could grab the barrel. As Clint shows in the video, the difference in length between a properly presented handgun and a shotgun is not that great. That said, regardless of the weapon used, you need to train as Grant Cunningham makes clear in this post.


  1. That's a great point, and one that most people forget...

  2. shoot them only one time? only when standing in the bedroom? what world is that in? tell you what, in a residential hallway that is 2.5 feet wide, you come around corners with that shotgun and lets see if i can take it, or at least control the bbl while i slice your throat with a rubber knife.
    what about being able to run the gun with one hand because you have a baby in the other? or a bystander, or doorknob, or lightswitch, or cellphone with 911 on it? conveniently left out points.
    but hey, lets use some macho "if you can only shoot someone once, what do you choose?" bs question. here let me use your method.

    if you have to jump into the middle of the ocean with one strapped to you and survive for 20 minutes, which one would you pick? Both scenarios are about as likely. If someone breaks into my house How many times will I shoot them? All of them.

  3. As retired LEO and LEO Instructor and NRA Instructor, I will not recommend a shotgun or any long barrel gun for home defense. Unless you have appropriate "tactical shotgun" training, know how to move and are thoroughly trained and proficient, a long barrel gun is more hazard than help, slow and cumbersome to use. Let's not forget over penetration potential of 00buck and slugs. My choice and recommendation for a home defense weapon is a Taurus Judge Public Defender or the S&W version. The Winchester Elite defensive .410 shot shell is devastating at close range offering many of the advantages of a shotgun and the .45LC is the backup round more than capable. These are simple "point and pull" revolvers anyone can easily be taught to use, can be carried and used from a "retention" position, and easily concealed loaded and ready to go in many handy options for indoor storage. As opposed to a semi-auto, they bypass some of the problems many people have with manipulating a slide, racking a round, operating a safety. While they are an OMG hand cannon to fire, you can learn to hang onto them and even fire one handed after you get over the initial shock, awe, and giggles! The fireball and blast from a short barrel version ensures that nobody in the right mind will stick around after the first round! The 3 .32cal disks will print a cloverleaf at close range and the 12 bbs will make a nice circle surrounding that. Just look at the many videos on the web to see the enormous close range destructive potential of these rounds. That's why one lives in my bedroom, for my wife who can't manage the slide on any of the semi-autos I have.She is not a shooter who partakes in the sport but she quickly learned to handle the Judge quite effectively. It is not a target gun or carry gun but #1 choice as a home defense weapon!

  4. Valid points and comments....I believe the choice should also take into account: house lay out, potential points of entry and occupied rooms.

  5. Besides the reasons in the article, there is the "mess" factor. Besides being maybe too much for home defense, its destructive to things lie carpeting if you hit and walls if you miss. I'll take a handgun for indoors any time.