Monday, January 26, 2015

SHOT Show - Zenith Firearms

I happened to stop by Zenith Firearms late on Friday afternoon. They are an importer of Turkish-made firearms. A couple of things caught my eye. First was a G-3 clone that will take the H&K G-3/Cetme magazines. I'd say it is aimed directly at the PTR-91 clones. The second was a very MP5-ish pistol in 9mm. It looked very nice.

The Turks are definitely working hard to make inroads into the US market. Savage is importing a couple of very nice over/under shotguns under their Stevens brand. The wood on those was beautiful Turkish walnut and the price was even better - in the $600 range.

Below is an interview with Zenith Firearms done by the NSSF. I got a chance to talk with Andy Eckert and he was a nice guy.

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  1. MOAR choices... sigh... :-) Thanks for the reporting last week!