Friday, January 23, 2015

Girl Power - NSSF Infographic

This week at the SHOT Show the National Shooting Sports Foundation released a study on women gun owners. The study looked at the purchases, perceptions, and participation. I just obtained a copy of this study today and still am studying it.

In the meantime, NSSF has released the infographic below that summarizes some of the findings.


  1. That is a good one, and frankly good news! Women DO influence elections and policies... Just sayin...

  2. Aside from the astounding percentage increases, note how in everything else they're "typical gunnie".

    Notice they don't report they bought a gun because it was pink? They want fit, quality and something practical (I assume for EDC). Most common types: Semi-auto pistol, revolver, shotgun. The same as for men? Typical accessories: cleaning kit, targets, ear protection, cases and eye protection. Doesn't every newer shooter need these (and they're consumable supplies we all buy).

    Once they commit, they're gunnies like the rest of us.