Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Free Guns And Other Stuff

Aaron has posted his monthly compendium of contests with guns and other stuff as prizes.

In the handgun category, you find one each of a Glock 34, 35, and 42. There is the CZ Evo Scorpion and a nice custom 1911 among a few other handguns.

The rifle category has a slew of ARs plus an Accuracy Internation AW Sniper Rifle. I'm sure the gun prohibitionists will try to make something out of that. The only shotgun is a Browning Citori.

Finally, in the accessories category, you'll find everything from a SilencerCo Salvo suppressor to a Chevy pickup truck.

If you come across any other contests giving away guns, let Aaron know on his webpage.

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