Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Judge Allows Anti-Guns Groups To Intervene In I-594 Suit

I missed this on Monday afternoon as I was preparing to leave on a business trip.

US District Court Judge Benjamin Settle of the Western District of Washington allowed the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility and Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund for I-594 to intervene as defendants to the suit brought by the Second Amendment Foundation. Judge Settle refers to WAGR and Everytown as "citizens and organizations operating in Washington State" in his order granting their motion.


WAGR is perhaps a local organization but the reality of considering Everytown as a local organization boggles the mind. Has the judge been watching too many programs on Syfy and magically teleported New York City to Seattle? It does go to show how the efforts of Bloomberg's minions to set up corporations in many states has helped them in this situation.

I'm at an out of town meeting so I'll let Dave Workman provide more background and insight into this.


  1. Let them. They use the same argument each and every time they argue a case anywhere. If the plaintiffs (gun side) wins, it's nice to have yet another court decide that the gun control arguments (used everywhere) did not make the cut.

    But it does likely increase work for the plaintiffs...

  2. On the one hand, allowing this intervention means more work for the plaintiffs, but on the other hand, like Workman says, allowing this intervention means it's highly unlikely the judge is inclined to toss the case out. It will be heard.

    And if/when it's heard, that's where our side really shines. We can rebut any of the pro-gun-control side's tired old arguments, and we have SCOTUS precedents in the wings, too. IANAL, but the biggest danger in my mind has always been that our cases get dismissed without being argued, and it's looking like that's not going to happen this time.