Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Safe Haven Premiers On April 1st - Don't Miss It

When I attended the SHOT Show I got a chance to see the preview of the documentary Safe Haven: Gun Free Zones in America. It is a critical look at so-called gun-free zones and how they fail to actually protect people. The film is produced and directed by Tim Crimmins. The Outdoor Channel will be airing tomorrow at 4:30pm. They will also be streaming it online.

If you subscribe to the Outdoor Channel and can DVR it, I suggest you do so. This is a documentary that you will want to share with your friends and family that may be on the fence about firearms and gun-free zones.

I usually can't sit through a movie. I joke that I have "movie ADD". I didn't move for 45 minutes watching Safe Haven. It is that powerful and compelling. Below is a trailer for the documentary. By the way, the Outdoor Channel will be presenting this without any ads or commercials. They have funded the documentary's production out of their own budget.

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