Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I Love Good Infographics!

This came across my desk today. It shows the increase in gun sales, NICS checks, etc. since President Obama was elected. I know I sure as hell have bought more ammo! I also got my carry permit after he was elected.

President Obama: (Still) The Greatest Gun Salesman in America [INFOGRAPHIC]
Via: Ammo.com


  1. According to John Lott, Utah had 550,000 residents with carry permits in 2014. At the same time, we had 2,940,000 total people. That's a trifle over 18% with permits. That seems like a lot, and if it's right, it puts Utah ahead of the 5 states listed in the infographic.

  2. Wonder if this was made by a European. Under the SHOT show size, it says football fields but shows graphics of soccer fields. I love the part where it shows the taxes and money that goes to conservation. Most antis don't understand that at all.