Sunday, May 29, 2016

What Would Be A Suitable Punishment For These Vandals?

Punji sticks?

Tiger pits?

How about this:  they have to go and meet with the families of those missing in action who have suffered for up to 50 years not knowing what happened to their fathers, husbands, brothers, and sons and explain just what the hell they were thinking when they "tagged" that memorial. I doubt they will be able to truly justify their actions.

If they have any feelings, if they are sentient beings, they should feel profound shame at their actions. Perhaps this will get their lives turned into something productive.

I was lucky. My father came home from the Republic of Vietnam. Twice. Though he wasn't in combat, his name could have been up on that wall or the one in Washington, DC. As I said, I was lucky unlike the families of those men listed on that wall in Venice, California.


  1. Set up a set of stocks in front of the wall. Flay them completely, and leave them there. Pour encourager les autres

    1. I think our colonial elders had something with the use of stocks as a remedial form of punishment.

  2. My sentiments exactly, John. The problem is that shame has been eradicated from our culture. It started with, believe it or not, Oprah.

  3. I've long advocated that we adopt caning for ordinary run-of-the-mill taggers. These folk need that in spades!

  4. but don't waste money training them. just ask for shirt and shoe size and send them off.

  5. If they have any feelings, if they are sentient beings, they should feel profound shame at their actions. If that were the case, they never would have done what they did.

    "It's life, Jim, but not as we know it". "There's no intelligent life here, Jim".

  6. Slow roasting over a low fire would be insufficient punishment for humans that did that.

    REAL humans, however, wouldn't DO that - so just put them down, like vermin. A lethal injection, of hot lead or otherwise, seems warranted.

  7. Every surface in existence needs to be guarded against vandals 24/7/365. Paintball turret/snipe their asses with UV paint & AFID tags corresponding to the address, and whenever they're taken into custody, total asset forfeiture (some of which will probably be stolen property).