Thursday, May 12, 2016

NRA Board Election: Show Horses Place, Work Horses Don't

You may remember my round-up of endorsements for the NRA Board of Directors that I published here in mid-March. The results, while not official, are starting to trickle in.

According to Sebastian at Shall Not Be Questioned, Ted Nugent was re-elected to the Board but with a much lower vote. In past years, Uncle Ted has placed in the top one or two candidates. This year he came in at 18 out of 25 elected. (Update: See comment by Sebastian in the comment section.) Ted is what I consider a show horse. He is a celebrity who made his name in the entertainment field and who happens to be pro-gun. He is also prone to outrageous statements which might attract favorable attention in the rock music world but not so much in the real world.

In contrast to Ted is Sean Maloney of Ohio. He was endorsed by Jeff Knox, LtCol. Robert Brown, and Jim Irvine of the Buckeye Firearms Association. Sean was the 76th Director and is a work horse. He along with Tim Knight worked tirelessly at the grassroots on the recall elections in Colorado which succeeded in ousting  Bloomberg's anti-gun minions Senate President John Morse (D-Colorado Springs) and Sen. Angela Giron (D-Pueblo).

As Jeff Knox pleaded, I "bullet voted" for Sean Maloney because I think the NRA Board needs more real grassroots activists. Sad to say but work horse Sean Maloney came in a handful of votes short. He announced it today on his Facebook page and also said he did not plan to run for the 76th Director position.

I have reprinted his announcement on his loss below. I am really sorry to see that a counter-productive show horse managed to get elected when a highly productive work horse fell short. However, as Sean says, "Everything happens for a reason, be that reason."
Thank you to all of those who took the time to work, support, and vote for me to be your voice on the National Rifle Association Board of Directors. Because of you, I was a mere handful of votes short of reelection. Rest assured all of our efforts were worth it.

I have received dozens of texts; phone calls; and emails; pledging their support, asking me to run for the 76th seat, once again this year. After deep reflection, I have decided that I will not seek reelection to the NRA Board of Directors as its 76th member.

For me, politics at the grassroots level has always been a driving force in my life. Spreading the message of freedom to my friends, neighbors, and those I can personally touch, is the way I choose to make a difference. Watching as my push for good government exponentially spreads, helping people get started who have chosen to become active for in politics for the first time, is my driving force.

Friends, things happen for a reason, spreading the word throughout communities protecting the future of this Country, handed down by our forefathers, is the battle that lies ahead. In defeat I now have more time to concentrate on the biggest battle of my lifetime, the battle to secure freedom; the Presidency of the United States; and maintain control of both Houses.

We, as gun owners are the common thread, thinking back to the first Republican Primary Debate, 17 people were seeking our endorsement, 17 people with one common thread; a belief in our Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms. We as Second Amendment advocates are the common thread that will unify, and save this country from the progressive destruction that lie ahead under Hillary, Bernie or whoever is the progressive choice of the Democratic Party.

The forthcoming appointments to the Supreme Court of the United States; the very security of America all hinges upon what we do in the next few months. As Americans our fore fathers left it in our hands, the system of government they created rested the ultimate power with the people. It is time that we use the power so many before us fought, and continue to pay the ultimate price for.

In America there are an estimated 140 million households with guns; if we all join the fight; register to vote; then vote on Election Day, we cannot be defeated. Join the fight! It is as simple as voting and asking your neighbors to do the same for your candidate.

Everything happens for a reason, be that reason.


  1. My source was confused. It turns out it was listed alphabetically. Someone quickly corrected me. We'll know the real numbers soon enough, but unfortunately this was a case of jumping the gun before I could truly confirm.

    1. Thanks for that update. I still hope Uncle Ted is down in the voting.

  2. Sean is a big loss. And he'll probably not take as active a role as he has in the past... I voted for him, for all the good it did...

  3. The reality is that 2016 is going to be a turning point on every metric. The corporate gun lobby is consolidating. The actual grassroots civil rights activists are finding their own direction. And while the corporatists "stand behind" establishment noble classes, the rest of us steel ourselves for the troubled days to come.

    1. Brandon brings up an excellent point. We are ultimately responsible for our own safety and we are ultimately responsible for protecting our own civil rights.