Monday, January 10, 2011

Another Snow Storm, Another State of Emergency For NC

WRAL-Raleigh is reporting that Governor Beverly Perdue has declared a state of emergency for North Carolina.
Gov. Beverly Perdue declared a state of emergency for North Carolina Monday to mobilize resources to respond to snow and ice forecast across the state.

Snow fell across parts of western and central North Carolina around dawn, and areas along the coast and south of Fayetteville saw some accumulation, but the Triangle was still waiting for flakes at 2 p.m.
There is nothing yet on the Governor's website as to the wording of the Executive Order declaring the state of emergency. The state of emergency declared on Christmas Day by Lt. Governor Walter Dalton was only under the authority of the North Carolina Emergency Management Act and did not invoke the restrictions on firearms off-premises. That was the first state of emergency declared during the Perdue administration that did not invoke state of emergency restrictions on firearms.

I have hope that she has learned her lesson regarding snow storms and restrictions on firearms.

It looks like the Governor has learned her lesson. The text of Executive Order No. 78 includes this:
Section 7.

This order is adopted pursuant to my powers under Article 1 of Chapter 166A of the General Statutes and not under my authority under Article 36A of Chapter 14 of the General Statutes. It does not trigger the limitations on weapons in G.S. § 14-288.7 or impose any limitation on the consumption, transportation, sale or purchase of alcoholic beverages.

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