Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Backpedaling A Bit

Well, that didn't take long. Senator Dick Lugar is now backpedaling from statements he made in an interview with Al Hunt on Bloomberg TV saying he would support a renewed Assault Weapons Ban.

As reported in the Indianapolis Star, he is now saying that he isn't pushing for a renewal of the Assault Weapons Ban that expired in 2004.
"I was innocently trying to say that I voted for this in the past and probably would do so again," the Indiana Republican said. "But there was absolutely no chance, zero, that we're going to have such debate."
Let me be blunt - a politician who has been in Washington as long as Lugar never innocently says anything.

He goes on to say that discussing it now when it has no chance of passing will only spur people to go on a buying spree.

OK, so he isn't pushing for a renewal and he doesn't think there will be a debate will happen BUT he would vote for it if it came up again. Somehow that doesn't inspire me and I hope it doesn't inspire the voters of the Hoosier State to reward him with a seventh term.

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  1. Specifics aside, voters of any state who would re-elect a politician to a seventh term after he publicly admits he 'didn't mean what he said' deserve what they get.

    Seventh term? This is an argument for term limits if I've ever seen one. Maybe we can have THAT discussion/debate.