Sunday, January 23, 2011

Why They Hate Us

The Wall Street Journal's Weekend Edition ran a travelogue by journalist Kate Bolick on her visit to Austin, Texas. On her last day she visited a shooting range. Here is how she described it:
Day Four: Monday
9 a.m. Close out your trip with a bang—literally! Red's Indoor Range (6200 Highway 290 West; 512-892-4867; in the aptly named Convict Hill, is only a 15-minute drive away, and for the uninitiated, shooting a gun can be shockingly intoxicating. There's no better way to imbue yourself with a dose of Texan swagger—and the testosterone rush will embolden you for the trial to come: flying home.
 The gun prohibitionists of the Brady Campaign, the Violence Policy Center, and others of their ilk would have you believe that the only reason to have and shoot a firearm is to kill someone or something. In their dour, almost Calvinistic, worldview, the thought that someone - especially a woman - could enjoy herself by indulging in an hour or two of target shooting is inconceivable. That there are sports like IDPA, sporting clays, and cowboy action shooting which involve firearms and no killing is beyond their comprehension.

I don't know Ms. Bolick's background with guns and don't know if this was the first time she ever handled a firearm but her experience reinforces the idea that taking someone shooting is the best way to inoculate them against the anti-gun message peddled by the prohibitionists and their allies in the media. What these groups fear most of all is the feeling that Ms. Bolick describes - the sheer joy combined with the feeling of empowerment that can come from shooting.

And that is why they hate us.


  1. The accuracy of any report posted by a woman who claims to enjoy a testosterone rush, is suspect.
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