Tuesday, January 11, 2011

P39 Airacobra

This is an interesting story. The P39 Airacobra was not used much by the U. S. Army Air Force as an interceptor during WWII due to the lack of a supercharger for its engine. This limited its speed and thus its usefulness about 17,000 feet. As a result many were shipped to the Soviets who were desperate for any type of plane. The Red Air Force found a good use for it as a ground attack fighter especially with its 37mm cannon.

The plane in this story was one of the Lend-Lease P39's sent to Russia. It was found intact in a lake in Siberia and was eventually brought back to a museum in Buffalo, New York.


  1. This is terrific. What a great piece of history.

  2. Gee, the U.S. enabled the USSR to enslave half of Europe. Bad idea. Should have let them bleed each other dry. Remember WWII in Europe started with the enslavement of Poland. And ended with the enslavement of Poland, and many other countries.