Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blood Drenched Organization?

Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC's "The Last Word" describes the NRA as a blood drenched organization in his "rewrite" of Wayne LaPierre's CPAC speech. He goes on to say that "the merchants of death" aka firearms manufacturers pay Wayne's salary. And here I thought it was my dues as a NRA member that paid them.

If Lawrence O'Donnell is considered by MSNBC to be the man to replace Keith Olbermann, it is obvious that he was chosen because of his gift for hyperbole and snide nastiness. Weren't progressives bemoaning "hate-filled" political rhetoric only a few weeks ago? Mr. O'Donnell must not have gotten the memo.


  1. This guy is filled with hatred and vitriol. He is what we call a "prohibited person" - an absolute wack-job.

  2. It's only hate filled speech when we do it. For the Left, it's an exercise in free speech.

  3. I happened across that segment in the first time I've looked at MSNBC in years. I won't be looking again, the man's ignorance and hostility made me want to throw something at the television. If MSNBC wants new viewers, having this man as something they see when flipping through channels at 8 PM on a Friday night is not the way to get them.