Friday, February 11, 2011

Fashion Trends And Concealed Carry

In the concealed carry world, fanny packs and photographer's vests - while comfortable and effective - have been characterized as "shoot me first" tip-offs. They are obvious. Well, obvious at least to those who have some familiarity with concealed carry and firearms. And, it is said, to crooks.

Now, thanks to high fashion that may be changing at least for the fanny pack. Just don't call them fanny packs. Fashion designers prefer the new hipper name of "bum bag" or "hands free bag". The prices also reflect it. As reported in the Wall Street Journal, Korean-American handbag designer Sang A Im-Propp sells her alligator "belt bag" for $1,995.

So now, women at least can have the belt bag or bum bag for concealed carry and be considered high fashion.


  1. Next, the minivan will come back into popularity.

  2. Check out Scoot eVest for some more subtle "vests of pockets"; including a jacket that is being pitched for CCW.

  3. ahem
    just saying