Monday, February 7, 2011

Castle Doctrine Bill Introduced In NC

Just got this by Twitter from the NRA-ILA. I will have more on the bill later tonight after I finish teaching class.

North Carolina: 2011 legislative Session Begins with the Introduction of Castle Doctrine Legislation in Raleigh!

Monday, February 07, 2011

The North Carolina General Assembly convened last week, and the NRA is working with state legislators to introduce several pro-gun reforms. Our legislative goals include Right-to-Carry reforms that will expand where permit holders may lawfully carry their concealed firearms, eliminating the archaic requirement that law-abiding citizens request permission from their local sheriff before purchasing a handgun, passing a solid Castle Doctrine law, and fixing the problems with the current statutes relating to a declared state of emergency.

State Senators Andrew Brock (R-34), Doug Berger (D-7) and Kathy Harrington (R-43) have already introduced Senate Bill 34, which would codify the “Castle Doctrine” in the home, as well as establish immunity from civil lawsuits for those who use lethal force to defend themselves or their loved ones while in their home.

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