Thursday, March 3, 2011

Weapon Of Mass Death

In the "it's OK for us to have but it isn't for you peasants" category comes this comment from Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck announcing his support for Rep. Carolyn McCarthy's HR 308 ban on standard capacity magazines.
"There is no reason that a peaceful society based on rule of law needs its citizenry armed with 30-round magazines," Police Chief Charlie Beck said at a news conference, adding that the clips transform a gun "into a weapon of mass death rather than a home-protection-type device.''
Beck at his promotion to Police Chief
Beck made that comment yesterday in Los Angeles. There is no word if he also thinks "weapons of mass death" should be forbidden to his police officers but somehow I doubt it.

I also wonder what the response time of his police department is to home invasions. Frankly, from everything I've read or heard from experts, a home owner doesn't need to be fumbling around making magazine changes during the high stress of a home invasion. It is just inviting even more disaster.

Probably everything you need to know about Chief Beck can be inferred from his comment above and the picture below. A man is known by the company he keeps.

Beck (center) at 2009 Brady event in LA


  1. There even less need and zero justification for law enforcement to have weapons of mass death given that citizens are innocent until proven guilty.

    Who supplies LAPD with sidearms, rifles & shotguns? We need to quarantine the LAPD from receiving any mass death devices.

  2. Ok...fair enough... so then why do SWAT teams go in on violent offenders equipped with M-4's, sniper rifles, sub guns (MP5), flash bangs, CS gas, lexan shields, and full body armor as well as hardened vehicles? It appears that this guy expects a home owner warding off a home invasion from the same violent offenders to have less protection than the police require. Maybe he would like Americans to throw a fist full of quarters at the perpetrators instead. Another political sellout hypocrite.

  3. "There is no reason that a peaceful society based on rule of law needs ... " - armed police officers.

    I seriously doubt progressive turncoat Charlie Beck would be able to follow that logical progression.


  4. Most police chiefs are politicians first, peace officers second. They are appointed by, and beholden to, those who are elected.