Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bitter Clingers

Seen on Interstate 81 near Blountville, Tennessee on my way home from the NRA Annual Meeting.


  1. You should have stopped in and checked out the collection inside. Lots of class III stuff.

  2. I would have but this picture was taken this afternoon about 5pm. I doubt they would have been open on Sunday.

  3. I didn't know BATFE had offices near there.

  4. I think the term should be well armed "proud proclaimer".

    I am not bitter and do not cling. I witness and collect firearms. I enjoy what I do and the Good Lord has blessed me and my family.

    JP in 10-E-C

  5. @John - I actually prefer your term myself.

    However, it was said tongue in cheek to spite those in the media and the Left who despise those of us who believe in both God and our Second Amendment rights. It most certainly wasn't meant to make fun of you, your faith, or your shop.

    If it wasn't a Sunday afternoon when we drove by, I would have stopped in to see your shop. As ThomasD said above, you have a nice collection. I hope to make a trip up sometime in the near future.

  6. @John R. Thank you. I know you meant it to "spite" the left but I have given up reasoning with them.

    I will not change my views and have yet to see any of them "changing" their mindset. This is the United States of America and that is why we have elections every four years.

    A lot of folks don't realize that the "left" lost the election in 2000 not because of Florida but because of Tennessee. If Mr. Gore would have won his home state Florida would have been a non issue.

    Mr. Gore's anti-gun votes handed him the defeat in his home state. They will NOT make that mistake again.

    The gun control issue is a vote losing issue.

    Time will always does.

    Until then we must keep the faith in our Lord, keep the principles of our founding fathers and try to provide a better country for our children. We all should pray for our leaders and take care of our neighbors and beware of our enemies.

    I am glad bin Laden was shot in the head by a seal team member...that is the only medicine that is suitable for a dog with rabies.

    Scratch one enemy of American and he was taken out with a good ole firearm.

    JP in 10-E-C