Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ex-Con Wants To Play In NFL Again; Will Say Anything To Win Job

Former NY Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress was released from the Oneida Correctional Facility this past Monday. He had served 20 months and 16 days in prison after being convicted of criminal possession of a firearm. The conviction stemmed from an incident where he had a negligent discharge of his Glock in a New York City nightclub. He was not carrying the pistol in a holster and shot himself in the leg when he grabbed for the pistol as it slipped in his pants.

Mr. Burress obviously would like to play in the NFL again. Tomorrow, he will appear at a news conference to make what is reported to be an attempt at redemption similar to his friend Michael Vick. According to Bill Ritter of New York's EyewitnessNews 7:
The former Giants football star Plaxico Burress is campaigning for redemption - this after spending 20 months behind bars for carrying an illegal gun and then accidentally shooting himself in the leg outside a nightclub. He's appearing with the Brady Center people - gun control advocates - for some big announcement on Monday. Also there: Tony Dungy, the former pro football head coach. You'll recall that Dungy was also there when quarterback Michael Vick campaigned for redemption at a news conference with the Humane Society, after Vick emerged from prison for running an illegal dog fighting ring.

Obvious stunts or legitimate contriteness?
If it involves the Brady Campaign, my vote is for obvious stunt. Their press release is fairly restrained for them and just says:
NEW YORK -- In his first public appearance since his release from prison, Plaxico Burress will make an important announcement Monday, June 13, at 11 a.m. EDT, at the offices of the National Urban League. He will be joined by National Urban League President Marc H. Morial, former Indianapolis Colts Coach Tony Dungy and Paul Helmke, President of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

The announcement will be webcast on and
National Urban League President Marc Morial is best remembered within the gun community for filing the first city-backed lawsuit against firearms manufacturers for "damages" while mayor of New Orleans back in 1998. The Louisiana Supreme Court eventually dismissed the suit in 2001 after the State Legislature passed a bill forbidding cities from suing.

Given the participants in Monday's event - Tony Dungy excepted - Mr. Burress probably associated with a more honest group of crooks while in prison than he'll be sharing the stage with on Monday. Those crooks just wanted money or blow and not to take away other people's civil rights.


  1. Ignoring who he's now associating with, the NFL has a history of accepting players back into the fold after they've served their time. See: Vick, Lewis, and I'm sure plenty of others I can't think of this morning.

    Now, regarding this guy's association with the Bradys? Obvious stunt.

  2. He did his time. Let him play ball. Likewise, his politics doesn't impact his ability to do the job, so extend him the same courtesy that we expect for being pro-gun and employable.

  3. @Laura and @Ian- I have no problem with him returning to the NFL. He spent 20 months in prison more due to NY's draconian laws than his own stupidity. Most places would have considered the leg wound punishment enough.

    I also realize he is doing what he is told he needs to do so as to be able to make a living.

    My criticism is more about those using him than on being used.

  4. To be fair, the prisoners he was housed with would also prefer all guns to be banned out of the hands of law-abiding victims. Their jobs would be so much safer. Odd how the Brady Campaign's goals align with the International Criminals Union...

  5. Is it that much different than having Tom Selleck or Ted Nugent on the NRA board of directors?

    (/devilsAdvocate, BTW. They both are personally invested in teh cause. But they also lend their star power to the cause)