Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hotel Internet

I am at the tail end of North Carolina staying in a Holiday Inn Express because I have business here tomorrow. Unlike what their ads may have you believe, staying here doesn't make me a genius. Or at least not a computer genius.

I have been trying to log on to the Interwebs with my business computer. Either the company has put some new security software on the laptop or the Internet just sucks at the Holiday Inn Express in Murphy, NC.


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  1. Dude! Don't miss your turn or you'll wind up in the wrong state.

  2. If you know any Ham Radio geeks, Murphy, NC is home to the magazine Monitoring Times.

    I know some of the folks that work there.

  3. One of the reasons that cellular data is popular among the road warrior set is because it is a one and done config.

    WV: bringwoo - I don't think it's that kind of hotel

  4. @Sean-you got that right! If I take a left I'm in Georgia and if I go straight I'm in Tenn.

    @knitebane - I passed Grove Enterprises in Brasstown on the way into Murphy.

    @Ian - if I were on the road a lot I'd pay for the service that allows my iPhone to be a wifi hotspur.

  5. Well, that and it is cheaper to pay the cell carrier for a month of service than the hotels that charge want for a day. And it is more secure and easier to set up.

  6. @Ian: Except this was free internet. Isn't it weird that lower cost hotels don't nickel and dime you the way the Hyatt Regency's and Westin's and others like that do.

    I think I traced the problem to a "proxy switch" on the company laptop that wasn't working correctly.