Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Forum And Then A Report? Not For Elijah Cummings

In the normal course of events, a group holds their hearing, forum, or fact-gathering event and then issues a report even if that report's "evidence" is pre-ordained. That obviously is just too slow for Rep. Elijah Cummings and the Democrats on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee who are holding their forum at 10 am this morning.

Thanks to the Washington Post and their admitted plagarist Sari Horwitz, we now have the "report" from the Democrats on the House Oversight Committee. You see if you write for Pravda on the Potomac and you are needed to attack Project Gunwalker, you get your copy of the so-called report before the rest of us whose tax money paid for it. If you were to check the Minority page of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee's website, you would not see this report.

Screen Capture Taken at 8:05 EDT On Thursday, June 30th

You can see the "report" embedded below. Next time you'd think their mainstream media mouthpieces might wait until the actual forum had been held. Jeez!

Firearms Report 063011

H/T Mike Vanderboegh


  1. Not having two brain cells to rub together would be a lack of adequate tools, IMHO.

  2. How long are we as citizens of this county going to allow this kind of foolishness to continue? It is about time we stopped voluntarily funding congressional idiocy with our taxes and demonstrate to our non-responsive government what the second amendment is all about.