Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Felony Stupid"

If you haven't heard or seen a good rant in a while, here is your chance. The C-Span video below is from the third portion of today's hearings held by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

After Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich reads his prepared testimony, Chairman Darrell Issa starts to light into him with a vengeance. It was beautiful to see Weich squirm knowing he had to sit there and take it. The relevant parts of the video run from the 7:15 mark up to about 12:47 mark. If the video was able to be excerpted - or if I knew how! - I would have presented that alone.

I was disgusted by the obsequious apology from Ranking Member Cummings to Weich when it was Cummings turn to speak. He certainly never apologized for his behavior in many of the hearings he held when he was Chairman of the Committee and it was not his place to apologize for Issa's comments. I think darn near anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis would have said much worse and would not have been as restrained as Chairman Issa.


  1. If you want to listen to just the Issa rant, use this link

  2. @Sean: Thanks. I think I finally figured out how to make excerpts. I wish you could do embedded excerpts as opposed to links but us beggars can't be choosers.