Saturday, June 18, 2011

If Melson Is On The Way Out At ATF, Does This Mean Traver?

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Kenneth Melson, Acting Director of BATFE, may be ousted as early as next week over his role in Project Gunwalker. Moreover, they report that Andrew Traver is slated to travel to D.C. for meetings with Eric Holder next week.
Mr. Traver is set to travel to Washington on Tuesday to meet with Attorney General Eric Holder and Deputy Attorney General James Cole, the people said. The administration is weighing whether to name Mr. Traver as acting director or choose another interim chief while awaiting Senate action on his nomination, they said.
Remembering now-Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's immortal words of "never letting a crisis go to waste",  this could be the golden moment for Andrew Traver and his supporters. As a reminder on Mr. Traver's background and ties to the gun control industry, I point you back to my post "Who Is Andrew Traver".

Mike Vanderboegh, who was the first to mention Traver, reminds us that as heir apparent for much of the last year, Traver has been constantly briefed on Project Gunwalker.
As the guy who first broke the news of the Traver nomination in early July of last year, I'll tell you this: The Traver confirmation hearing will cover a whole bunch of skeletons. Remember that Traver has been the heir-apparent for some time. THAT MEANS HE WAS CONSTANTLY BRIEFED ON WHAT BECAME THE GUNWALKER SCANDAL BEGINNING LAST YEAR. The question then becomes what did HE know and WHEN did he know it.

Remember, the hearing will be in front of Charles Grassley. I think you can count on the Resistance to provide him with a whole ream of questions for the virulently anti-firearm freedom Mr. Traver.
Mike also speculates that Melson will roll as it is now obvious that he is being thrown under the bus. He would, of course, be able to say what he told his DOJ superiors about Project Gunwalker and would be able to testify who he told in DOJ. As Darrell Issa made painfully clear to Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich, he wants to know who in DOJ authorized Project Gunwalker and saying it was a rogue ATF operation just isn't going to cut it.

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