Thursday, June 16, 2011

HB 650 Calendared For Concurrence Vote Today

The North Carolina State Senate passed HB 650 which amends various gun laws and implements a Castle Doctrine with a slight amendment from the version passed by the North Carolina House on June 7th. As a result, the House must hold a concurrence vote on the Senate amended version. That vote is scheduled in the State House tonight.

GRNC is pushing to have it passed as is with no more amendments.

Thanks to Sean for pointing out I was off a day! He has more on the bill here.  The Virtual Stepdaughter is getting married on Saturday so I ought to know the day of the week - or not.

UPDATE: When I first posted this, I was off a day. Turns out I was mistakenly correct. The vote has been rescheduled from Wednesday to today.

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  1. John, look again. That's today's calendar. It's up for a vote tonight.