Monday, June 13, 2011

Hearing In NC State Senate Tomorrow On Two Gun-Rights Bills

While much of the work of the North Carolina General Assembly is done for the session, those bills that made the crossover deadline are still being considered. On Tuesday, the Senate Judiciary II Committee will hold hearings on HB 111 - concealed carry in restaurants and Park - and on HB 650 - various gun law amendments and the Castle Doctrine. The hearings on HB 111 will be for discussion only.

The committee's announcement is below:
Corrected: HB 111 is for discussion only.



The Senate Committee on Judiciary II will meet at the following time:

June 14, 2011
10:00 AM
1124 LB

The following will be considered:

HB 113
Motorcycle Safety Act.
Representative Killian

HB 381
Checking Station Pattern Selection.
Representative Torbett

HB 659
Capital Procedure/Severe Mental Disability.
Representative McGrady
Representative Harrison
Representative Glazier
Representative Stevens

HB 650
Amend Various Gun Laws/Castle Doctrine.
Representative Cleveland
Representative Hastings
Representative Hilton
Representative LaRoque

HB 111
Handgun Permit Valid in Parks & Restaurants.
Representative Steen, II
Representative Barnhart
Representative Hastings
Representative Hilton

HB 111 is for discussion only.

Senator Austin M. Allran, Co-Chair
Senator Warren Daniel, Co-Chair
Senator E. S. (Buck) Newton, Co-Chair

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