Friday, June 17, 2011

Ronnie Barrett Responds To Felipe Calderon

Cam Edwards interviewed Ronnie Barrett, NRA Board Member and head of Barrett Firearms, on the claims by Mexican President Felipe Calderon that the American gun industry is responsible for thousands of deaths in Mexico.

UPDATE: Welcome visitors from If you'd like to know more about Operation Fast and Furious or the ATF's involvement in gun-running to Mexico, I have plenty of posts on it. Just do a search on "Project Gunwalker".


  1. Anyone in the American Governmental positions supporting those comments from Mexico are bought off and money is involved. Drugs that Mexico produces are the real issue and IT ALWAYS comes down to the money. NOT THE GUNS.. When are these politicians going to stand up for America. Send them to Mexico..

  2. It is always the fault of the Americans. Mexican leaders should stop stealing money from their own people. Don't blame others for your mistakes. Drugs is drugs.