Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sucking Up To Father Pfleger

The new Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy comes to Chicago from New York by way of Newark, New Jersey. He was appointed to the job by Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

One of his first acts was to speak at Saint Sabina's Catholic Church. That is the parish so long associated with Fr. Michael Pfleger who is as radical and anti-gun as they come. In his speech to the parishioners, he blames lax Federal gun control laws, the NRA, gun manufacturers, Sarah Palin, and the Second Amendment for the uncontrolled gang violence in the City of Chicago.

I could say that the people of Chicago got the police superintendent that they deserve but that would be unfair to the good people of Chicago like David and Colleen Lawson and Otis McDonald.

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UPDATE: NBC Chicago has noticed Police Superintendent McCarthy's little foray into gun politics at St. Sabina's. See their article here.
"[McCarthy] got it right on parts and got it wrong on others," said Shawn Gowder, the Vice President of the Chicago Firearms Safety Association and the Sergeant of Arms for the African American Police League.

Gowder said McCarthy was right in remarking that government-sponsored racism began with slavery and Jim Crow, but said it was wrong to make the association with that and the availability of guns.

"The crime issue has nothing to do with racism. It has everthing to do with our ability to protect ourselves," he said. "In Chicago, if we had our Second Amendment rights, there would be fewer criminals."

Richard Pearson, the Executive Director of the Illinois State Rifle Association, said McCarthy is only attacking gun-rights advocates because "he has nothing else to offer."

"He's not talking about what the real problems are. He's not facing the fact his gang unit failing, that the graduation rate in Chicago Public Schools is about 50 percent. He never mentions the economic problems," said Pearson.


  1. So can this be used as evidence of the hostile environment for lawful gun owners during the next lawsuit against the tools in Chicago?

    "How can we possibly get fair treatment with Chicago's arbitrary and capricious licensing system when this guy is the Police Superintendent?"

  2. And this is the guy who wants to bring he gun debate to the center?

  3. For some pretty enlightening, and funny, comments, check out

    They do a pretty fair job of skewering their boss....