Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another Win For Crimson Trace

Crimson Trace won a Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence Award for their Lightguard. I have a Laserguard on my Ruger SR9c and like it. It was very easy to install and turns on when you grip the pistol. Now to find a custom holster for it.

Crimson Trace Wins Seventh Consecutive Academy of Excellence Award

(Bowling Green, KY) Crimson Trace’s new Lightguard™ platform garnered the coveted Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence award on Friday, adding one more win to the company’s already impressive track record. In front of around 300 industry peers, Lew Danielson CEO of Crimson Trace accepted the accolade for Best Self Defense Product on behalf of the company he founded 15 years ago.

Academy of Excellence award nominees are selected on the basis of innovation and quality, with individual members of the shooting industry voting for the products they consider to be the best in their field. The Lightguard system of pistol-mounted lights allows the user to positively identify their target in a low-light environment and is sufficiently lightweight and compact to allow for concealed carry. “It’s a great honor to accept this award on behalf of the hard-working folks at Crimson Trace,” said Danielson. “We’ve introduced many new products this year, building on our previous successes, but we still design and manufacture everything right here in the USA.”

The Lightguard platform fits popular models of Glock, Smith & Wesson and Springfield handguns and the company plans to introduce more models in the coming months. With a profile no wider or longer than the pistol’s slide and an impressive 100 lumen output, the Lightguard fits comfortably into a concealment holster and will run for 2 hours on one CR2 battery.
CORRECTION: My discussion was on the Laserguard while Crimson Trace won for the Lightguard. I have made corrections above. I do like my Laserguard.

As to the Lightguard, it seems to be a much smaller and easier activated light than other alternatives.


  1. I got a pair of their trigger guard lasers for my wife's and my Taurus Slim 9mms, and I have to complement them on their ergonomics. The act of grabbing the gun turns on the laser, so that the grip you give it in a bad situation ensures it will be on.

    Crossbreed has molds for the slims with laser guard, so you might try them. My wife uses a Crossbreed Mini-Tuck, and I wore it one day. It's like good comfortable shoes: if you think about it, you'll know you have them on, but otherwise, you don't. Crimson Trace has some OWB holsters for these, too. I think they're emphasizing not releasing lasers until they have a holster for the combo.

  2. @Graybeard: Thanks for the suggestion on the Crossbreed.

  3. When it comes to target practice, the crimson laser products can actually help you to improve your shooting accuracy in a very short time. That is because the laser beams emitted by the crimson trace laser sight or grip can help you visualize the path of your bullet to the paper target. You will use less ammunition and be a better shot in the long run through the use of a crimson trace laser sight or grip. In the same way, you can leave off ammunition all together and aim your laser beam to the target for a "dry shooting" practice experience.
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