Monday, July 25, 2011

A Gun Care Bleg

The Complementary Spouse and I are spending the week in southern Illinois and Missouri visiting family. One of my self-imposed chores for the week is to clean and oil all of her late father's guns. He was quite the collector  and had a goodly number of shotguns and commemorative Winchester 94s.

Unfortunately, while kept in an air-conditioned house, a few are showing signs of spotty rust. I have heard 0000-size steel wool when used with gun oil will take care of the rust and not harm the blueing. Is this correct? Do you have other suggestions for removing little bits of rust without harming the blueing?

Any suggestions for a gun oil to use for longer term storage short of covering them in cosmoline? I planned to use a light oil like RemOil. Should I go with something heavier like RIG Gun Grease instead?

Thanks for the help.


  1. I use the Hoppes oil which is a good deal thicker. and probably lingers longer. even my safe queens get a wipe down at least once a year...

  2. 0000 steel wool with light oil works great in most cases. Stubborn rust can be scraped off with a brass scraper, then rubbed with steel wool.
    For high humidity, RIG works very well, and I prefer it to light oil (which can evaporate over time).