Monday, July 25, 2011

Cap'n Crunch Doesn't Like CUTAF

In an interview with CNN reporter Abbie Boudreau in May 2010, ATF Acting Director Kenneth Melson was highly critical of the website He objected to ATF critics hiding behind made-up screen names. You know, like Vincent Cefalu and Jay Dobyns. Oh, wait - those are their real names. He does mention "Thor" which was the name of the Norse God of Thunder. Thor, according to Wikipedia, is also charged with the protection of mankind. Given the important role that the members of CUATF have played in exposing Project Gunwalker, I would say Thor is an appropriate screen name.

As one might imagine, the CUATF people who have posted this video are none too thrilled with Mr. Melson. From the webmaster:
Many of us here at used to believe that Kenneth Melson was simply another clueless career bureaucrat, who, although he might not be a bad guy personally, had not the slightest idea what was really happening in the agency he was supposedly responsible for "leading". Although that would make him patently incompetent (which seems to have been rather conclusively established at this point), many of us gave him a certain benefit of the doubt in terms of personal integrity. That misconception has now been irrevocably clarified.

The simple fact is that Kenneth Melson is a bald-faced LIAR.

In the interview shown below, Melson states that he has an "open door" policy. However, on the basis of repeated conduct, such a claim is an unequivocal lie. A significant number of employees have, while using their real names, attempted in good faith to make Melson aware as to just how screwed up ATF is in terms of managerial malfeasance, corruption and unlawful conduct, only to either be retaliated against, or to receive nothing but a big, fat cold shoulder.

"Open-Door" Policy? Our ass.

You might also recall that when confronted about the fact that Whistleblower Special Agent Vince Cefalu had been deliberately relegated to twiddling his thumbs all day (at significant taxpayer expense) by his vicious, retaliatory, corrupt, perjuring managers (who all work directly for Kenny-Boy, Melson told the nation, "Not on my watch". However, Melson then proceeded to do precisely NOTHING about that ridiculous abuse of taxpayer monies (and complete waste of Cefalu's 25 years of top-notch training, experience and accomplishments), and Cefalu remains in the same basket-weaving status to this very day, more than a YEAR after Melson's shameless whoppers.

Once again, there is a word for what Melson did; it's called LYING. You are a professional prevaricator, unmitigated, unadulterated, dyed-in-the-wool fibber. You might manage to somehow save your own ass in this ginormic fiasco you have overseen, but you're still a liar by any reasonable measure.

Also, you'll note that Melson laughably contradicts himself in the most amateurish manner by first pompously stating that he personally blocked (from access through government computers) "because no employee should be exposed to such lies and distortions" (in so many words), but in the same breath, saying that he encourages employees to visit the site(!), as long as it's on their own time. Only the most dronishly jaded lifelong federal bureaucrat could make such an incomprehensibly muddled and logically incompatible statement.

Ken Melson, you are a disgrace and a stain on the honor of decent, hard-working law enforcement agents. You have failed miserably in your duties as Acting Director of ATF, a position for which you were clearly not qualified or competent. We call on you to resign immediately and spare yourself, ATF, DOJ and this nation further embarrassment.
"Pama" is a bit more forgiving of Melson but agrees that he is lying about what he knew and his involvement in Project Gunwalker.
Although Melson was obviously involved in "supervising" and directing Fast and Furious, it equally obviously was not his idea. I personally believe this came directly from Obama, Holder, Breuer and a few other political appointees. I believe the State Department and Homeland Security were involved in planning this deplorable debacle or at the least, were well aware of it and approved of it. I have a secret suspicion that FnF is why Hillary and Mueller are leaving the Regime. Melson was appointed in April or May of 2009. I believe the planning for this operation was already well underway by that time. That being said, he is clearly lying about what he knew and about his involvement. However Holder and Obama are chiefly responsible. Everyone involved needs to be exposed, prosecuted and pilloried.
If this interview were recorded today as opposed to a year ago, I wonder what Melson would be saying about CUATF.


  1. It makes you wonder... who among the professional gun confiscators can be trusted? CUATF or BATFE?

  2. US RKBA, Neither, they are both working towards the same ends. Total citizen disarmament.

  3. Once again, there is a hat for what Melson did; it's alleged LYING. You are a able prevaricator, Mickelson unmitigated, unadulterated, absolute fibber.

    Cowboy Hat

  4. I think the State Department and Homeland Security was involved in the planning of this lamentable collapse or at least was aware and approved.

    remedios artritis

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