Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The First Chicago Civilian Certified To Teach Chicago Firearm Permit Class

Colleen Lawson, one of the plaintiffs in McDonald et al v. Chicago et al, is now officially the first civilian from Chicago to be state-certified to teach the Chicago Firearm Permit class.

Colleen announced the good news on her Facebook page.

Congratulations to Colleen who is a wonderful person and who is dedicated to advancing gun rights in the face of huge obstacles. It is a designation that took a lot of hard work and dedication to attain.

UPDATE: Colleen emailed with a correction to this story. I had Colleen as the first civilian certified to teach the Chicago Firearm Permit class. She corrects this to be the first civilian living in Chicago - in other words a Chicagoan - to be certified. Colleen notes that ISRA instructors Richard Pearson, Doug Mayhall, and Lee Goharing are all civilians but live outside the City of Chicago.


  1. So I take it all of the other certified instructors in Chicago are from the Military or Militarised police force? Why would you use the word "civilian" in the title? Why not just use serf or scum?

  2. @theaton: Because I know Colleen Lawson and her husband David. While they may choose to live in Chicago, they are neither serfs nor scum. To suggest otherwise is offensive.

    I used the word "civilian" to denote non-military, non-LEO.

  3. Are there military or LEO certified CCW instructors in Chicago? I did suggest they were serfs or scum, your use of the word civilian puts a title on them which is normally used by police or military to refer to their impression of us as lower forms of life.

  4. Opps, that second sentence should start: I did not suggest.....

  5. So I'm confused... What is "STATE-CERTIFIED to teach THE Chicago Firearm Permit class" [emphasis added in both places]? I have my Chicago Firearms Permit (CFP) and just general handgun / firearm training is required that includes range time. I took an general NRA handgun course. The city requires that the trainer be state certified but Illinois could care less which training you give, they just certify trainers. I highly doubt there are state certified trainers specifically on the Chicage training.

  6. One other thing. To apply for the CFP, the trainer signs a prescribed form which indicates the course they provided covered certain topics and they provide their state certification number. Chicago verifies the license prior to you getting approved. BTW, love your blog... it's on my favorites list and check it out almost daily. Thanks for what you do!