Thursday, July 14, 2011

No Fishing Allowed

Mayor Bloomberg and his Illegal Mayors will have to go elsewhere on their fishing expeditions. The Tiahrt Amendment had prohibited the release of gun trace data by ATF to anyone other than a law enforcement agency in the course of their investigations. Bloomberg and other gun control groups want this information to use for fishing expeditions against gun dealers. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) had introduced an amendment to the appropriations bill that would have done away with the Tiahrt Amendment. He lost.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation fought this effort - along with the NRA and others - and won. Here is their comment on the win.
On Wednesday, NSSF sent out an action alert urging all members of industry, sportsmen, gun-owners and firearms enthusiasts to call the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee to urge the committee to vote no on the Schiff (D-CA-29) amendment which would have stripped from an appropriations bill an important law enforcement protection, known as the Tiahrt Amendment, that safeguards law enforcement-only firearms tracing data and the Honda (D-CA-15) amendment, supported by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, which would have continued the recently launched regulatory assault on the firearms industry.

Your efforts were a tremendous success! We can declare victory in the Appropriations Committee since they heard you loud and clear – these and other anti-gun amendments that undermine the law enforcement protections provided for in the Tiahrt Amendment or any anti-gun amendments that would place additional and costly regulatory burdens on members of the firearms industry were defeated. Just as important, several pro-industry amendments passed, including one to block ATF’s new over-reaching multiple sales reporting requirement for certain rifles and another to allow the importation of shotguns ATF is attempting to ban under the so-called “sporting purpose” test.

Again, great job!

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