Thursday, July 21, 2011

She Needs To Call Breda For That Answer

A number of Wisconsin municipalities are debating what restrictions, if any, they will place on concealed carry in city buildings now that concealed carry is the law in that state. The guidance from the League of Wisconsin Municipalities states:
According to a legislative bulletin from the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, the concealed carry law that Gov. Scott Walker signed into law July 8 prohibits carrying firearms into police stations and municipal courtrooms if court is in session.

Local governments also may ban firearms from municipal buildings if a proper sign is posted, but they can not prohibit them from municipal parks and open spaces, according to the League analysis.
In Whitewater, the City Council was presented a proposal from the Parks and Recreation Director to ban firearms in "the municipal building, library, White Building, armory, Starin Park Community Building, Cravath Lake Community Center and Train Depot building."

Some members of the council seem a little bewildered by it all. For example, Marilyn Kienbaum had this to say:
“I can’t imagine why anyone would be carrying a gun into those places to begin with,” Councilwoman Marilyn Kienbaum said.
Perhaps, Councilwoman Kienbaum, pictured below, needs to speak with Breda - gun blogger, reference librarian, and Bersa-toter - for an answer to that question.

Whitewater Councilwoman Marilyn Kienbaum - Janesville Gazette


  1. She needs to ask the victims were victimized in those areas. Gas stations, parks, parking garages, your own workplace.... nothing's safe unless you take your own self defense seriously.

  2. She would ban firearms in the "armory"! LOL

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  4. “I can’t imagine why anyone would be carrying a gun into those places to begin with,”

    An arguments from incredulity.

  5. How about a simple "because it's a damned inconvenience needing to disarm if you need to or want to go into one of those buildings, when you're already carrying". Like oh say you felt like borrowing a book to read. Not to mention that gun free zone = victim holding area, and criminals by definition do not obey the law, not to mention mr schitzophrenic von killvoice could be stalking you down the isles.

  6. “I can’t imagine..."

    Says. It. All.

  7. Note the self referential "I can't imagine..." followed by the unspoken "...therefore no one may". Not facts, nor truth, but the standard of "ME". Well Marilyn, because you can imagine that means what?

  8. Here in WA, it's only prison facilities and courtrooms where carry is prohibited. All other state and local government offices, right up to the legislative offices and the capitol building itself, are fine to carry in and people do.

    Of course no problems result from this freedom.